Terms that follow apply only for private and personal uses commission.

1. General terms :

  • Prices given on “Commission info” page are starting prices. Final price may depend on complexity or amount of details.

  • I don’t draw pornography, but for the rest it can be discuss! (gore, meccha, nudity, …).

  • I can refuse an order if it does not fit my style or for schedule constraints.

2. Revisions :

  • It takes generally between a few days to two weeks to finish an order. I will send you updates of the work and you can ask for changes.

  • Each important modifications will cost extra fees.

  • Once the order is finished and sent, I will not make any new changes. (ex : You can’t ask 2 months later for another changes).

3. Rights and uses :

  • I reserve the rights on the artwork.
  • You are not allowed to use the commissioned artwork for commercial purposes. (You can’t sell it or use it to promote any business).NFTs are prohibted.
  • If you publish it on social medias or any site, you have to credit me.

4. Uses of your personal data :

  • Your personal data (email address, postal address, name, etc) will only be used within the framework of the order. I will never use them for anything else without having first obtained your explicit consent.

  • For the rest you may read “legals” or “privacy policy” pages to know better how your data will be used on any other services from this website.

5. Payment and refunds :

  • Refunds won’t be accepted, unless I can’t finish the illustration.

  • If for financial reasons you want to pay in two times, it’s possible : 50% after the rought sketch, 50% before I send the finished artwork. I will not send the finsihed piece untill I got the full payment.

  • The finished artwork will not be send if I haven’t received the full payment.

  • Do not send me the payment until I agreed to give you a slot and request you with the payment.

By commissioning me, you agree to the terms above.